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Mexican Food Menu 

Mexican food Menu includes: Fajaitas,Enchiladas,Tacos,Quesadillas,Soups,Shrimp & Steak, Burritos,lunch Specials,beer and wines and mixed drinks.

Fiesta Mexicana Cary takes genuine pride in serving our guests authentic Mexican dishes made with the finest ingredients. We want your dining experience to be the best, with fast courteous service and flavorful food that will have you craving for more!
Fiesta Mexicana Cary makes their salsas fresh throughout the day to ensure the ultimate in flavor. Our table side chips are kept hot and fried fresh to ensure their crispness!
This guarantees that your taste buds will crave for more than just one!
You can also try one of our other dips like the Queso Fundido, Guacamole, our Hot dipping Sauce will surely titillate your taste buds and for those not so daring we also have a mild sauce. Be sure to visit one of our seven locations for the Best Mexican Food in North Carolina.

A very basic list of typical Mexican food, mentioning just a few of the many dishes available:
TACOS: this is usually a bit confusing for most – the generalized idea is that a taco is made using a hard, u-shaped corn shell filled with seasoned minced meat, lettuce and tomatoes, grated cheese and some sour cream. However this is not the case. Rather, truly authentic tacos use the soft corn tortillas and are stuffed with either meat, chicken or seafood fillings.
TORTILLAS: made of wheat flour or maize (corn flour), these traditional flat savory pancakes formed the staple food of Mexican people for centuries. They are used in a host of different dishes such as enchiladas or quesadillas and are often served instead of bread.
FRIJOLES: Mexican for beans, this was and still is a primary source of protein in the Mexican diet. Used both as main ingredients and as garnishes to other dishes, beans can be boiled or fried.
GUACAMOLE: An avocado garnish or dip made with mashed avocado, onion, coriander and chilies.
ENCHILADAS: Made with tortillas, enchiladas are basically folded or rolled tortillas stuffed with chicken, pork or vegetables and then baked.
QUESADILLAS: Folded tortillas stuffed with cheese and then grilled.
SALSA: Spanish for sauce, this is a salsa made generally with tomatoes, onion, chili and cilantro.


Mexican Food